What are PEPFAR Solutions?

PEPFAR Solutions are impactful, data-proven implementing experiences that can serve as 'how to' guides for others.  PEPFAR Solutions span technical areas, but all Solutions advance PEPFAR-supported countries and regions toward epidemic control.

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Leveraging the Solutions Platform to Empower Adolescents and Young People Living with HIV in Nigeria

Based on the implementing experience in Kenya highlighted on the PEPFAR Solutions Platform, PEPFAR Nigeria is in the planning stage of a phased roll out of the Operation Triple Zero (OTZ) initiative after having recently concluded a south-to-south learning visit to Kenya in November 2018. Implementing partners have completed sensitization, and program concept adaptation to Nigeria’s specific context is ongoing. This will be followed by the adaptation of tools and materials, stakeholder engagement, and training. Phase 1 roll-out in FY19 will take palce in a few selected sites and is scheduled to commence in April/May 2019. Results from these sites will be evaluated after a 6-month implementation period and the PEPFAR Solutions Team looks forward to highlighting Nigeria’s success with OTZ here!