TB Preventive Treatment (TPT) Implementation Tools

what is the problem?

TB Preventive Therapy (TPT) should be given to any person living with HIV in a country with high burdens of both diseases. It is logistically and financially practicable, and is considered a routine standard for HIV care and treatment. In many countries with high dual burdens, TPT is recommended and included in national guidelines. However, it has not been well-implemented or widely scaled up in most countries. There are many different reasons for this, including clinician concerns about adverse events or engendering drug resistance, or programmatic concerns about administrative leadership and procurement.

what is the tool?

These tools are a fairly comprehensive set of response/aids intended to address the many different concerns or obstacles that HIV programs may face when scaling up TPT. They constitute a library that programs may select from and adapt as needed to fit the local context. The following graphic lists the tools and indicates where in the planning and execution each might be useful: